Thursday, 19 December 2013

Dental treatment with a holiday package

Dental problems are not a big issue now days. Due to the quality of food in taken and the high paced life of people, we generally tend to ignore about the health of our teeth. The outcome of this is the various problems that people face regarding their teeth. The problems can be minor from yellowness to the highly complex ones like surgery. No matter what your problem is, you should act immediately to avoid further problems. However people usually hesitate in spending much money on dental services. If you are also one among them than here is the best plan for you!

India - new destination for dental service:

It might come as a surprise to most of the people but the attractive offers and cost friendly services will force you to give it a second thought. The dental sector in India has grown in the past decade and most of the dentists are well qualified to meet the needs of most of the customers. This might sound fascinating but almost all the services that you wish can be offered now in India too. 
Why choose India?

This is a very important question that most of the people would ask. The answer to this question is quite simple. There are two major reasons why one should opt for India. The dental services in India are quite cheap when compared to other countries. This is one of the most important reasons why you should choose for a dental package in India. Moreover along with your dental service, you can also get a holiday package in India. India is a historical country and is a dream destination for a lot of people. Why should you opt for any other dental service when you can get the dental service along with a holiday package in the same cost?

Forget your insecurities:

If you are now thinking that you are not safe in strange hands, you should read about dental tourism in India. There is a completely different department for this where you can get the best services in the country. This department is established in association with the tourism department of India. Dental tourism has a few registered clinics with them which are equipped with all the facilities that you could ever dream off! Moreover before getting registered with the dental tourism department, the clinic has to meet with the standards set by the department. In order to meet these standards, the clinic has to fulfil the hygiene as well as the services requirement. Only the registered clinics are given the opportunity to treat clients from abroad.

Get treated for all your problems:

In India you can get a solution to most of your problems. Teeth whitening and surgery are some of the common services being offered. It is a rare combination of getting dental service and enjoying holiday but the low budget will definitely attract you. So if you were waiting for a holiday from a long time and have some dental issue, you know India is your destination.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dental Tourism in India

India is a developing country and here the price of anything is 80% lower as compared to the developed countries like Europe and USA. You can cut down your dental treatment costs if you get it done from India. The dental treatment cost is three times lower in India as comparing to European countries but that does not mean that you will get a low quality service. Medical tourism is growing with a great speed in India and undoubtedly. The tourists are going back satisfied and that's why they come back and refer their friends and family to get treatment done from India.

Low dentistry costs in India

The highly qualified dentists make sure that all your detail ailments cured before you leave the clinic. However if the idea of visiting a faraway country for a dental treatment sounds absurd and hectic to you then check out the low airfares that many of the flights are providing. The medical tourism industry in India is a fully fledged industry and is even flourishing with the high quality services provided at such low prices.

Get Quality Dental Implant Treatment in India

India is known for its private dentistry industry worldwide. Here world-class dental implant treatment offered by expert professionals. One of the well-known Maxillo Facial Surgeon-implantologist is Dr. Biju Thomas who is BDS., FFDRCSI.,FICOI, (Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists) and Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland. Though he has studied and practiced almost twenty years in foreign, he wants to give people best dental implant treatment at affordable price. He has started a Scientific Dental Implant Clinic in Kerala, India. Here all the modern technologies and modern dental equipment are available to serve the patients all over the world.

Some of the most common dental treatments available in India are:

General dentistry

Dental Implantation



Cosmetic dentistry


Oral surgery

Along with the above services, the various root canal and tooth whitening also available. When you come to India for a dental treatment, it has two major benefits. Firstly, you can cut down your price and secondly, you can even enjoy a holiday in the beautiful and historic city of India.

Now this low-cost service is available and you can not only save much money but can also get a holiday package in the same cost. Though no one would have thought about mixing their holidays with dental treatment but then the low and attractive cost changes the mind of many people. India is an ideal destination for people facing dental problems all over the world. Getting the treatment overseas was in itself a very costly idea but now with the attractive packages launched by the medical tourism department in India; everyone is rushing to this new popular spot. In today's scenario people are working hard to save, grab the opportunity of dental tourism in India and enjoy a free holiday in lesser cost.

Places to visit in India

You can visit the exotic places in India while getting dental treatment. Places like Kerala, Goa, Otty, Jaipur, Shimla, Kashmir, Darjeeling, Agra and so many places. Here is a small list.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is is famous for its peaceful beaches, green hill stations, exotic wildlife, serene stretches of backwaters and main attraction is spending time in house boat rather than in boring hotels.

Agra with historical Touch

This is the one of the greatest  wonder in the world. This city is full of Mughal Palaces and castles. Agra is enriched with all the historical heritage and architecture.

Jaipur, the pink city

This city represents the the royal culture and the royal heritage of India. The palaces and heritage is made of pink marvel so Jaipur is  known as Pink City.


The snow caped mountains, valleys covered with tulips, the house boards of dal lakes are simply not forgettable. People call Kashmir as the Switzerland of India.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Good Oral Care and Hygiene

To keep your gums and teeth healthy, it is very important to follow a good oral hygiene routine. This would keep your mouth fresh and without germs which are responsible for bad breath. A good oral hygiene would ensure pink and healthy gums that do not bleed after brushing. It would also ensure that you do not have cavities.

Bleeding of gums after brushing or flossing means you are not following a good oral hygiene and care routine and it is time that you visit a dentist who can help you in learning and practicing good dental habits. Bleeding gums is associated with persistent bad breath as well which is a very big problem. Make sure of visiting a good dentist who will teach the correct techniques that would keep your teeth and gums healthy. They would check your teeth thoroughly and also draw your attention to the areas which needs special care. 
How to practice good oral hygiene?

Healthy teeth and gums ensure that your feel fresh and also boost your confidence in public places. They ensure you look and feel good. Also, you do not have to experience pain while drinking or eating something which is extremely hot or cold. So, if you can take care of your teeth in the proper way, you will enjoy a healthy life style as good teeth and gums ensure your and your family’s complete well being. 
Make sure of brushing your teeth 2 times daily and make flossing a daily habit to prevent tooth and gum decay. These two simple techniques will prevent your teeth from getting into any sort of trouble which would require expensive and painful treatments. We know that a cavity in the teeth requires root canalling and the likes which are quite expensive. It can also mean extracting your tooth completely which is really painful. Cavities not only affect the tooth but also the delicate nerve tissues.

It is also advisable to pay your dentist regular visits. Also make sure of taking an expert’s help if you feel any kind of pain in your tooth or gums. Most of us do not pay much heed initially and wait for the pain to subside and end up paying thousands of bucks to the dentist later when the problem gets serious. Apart from these, a healthy and balanced diet is also good for the teeth and gums. Do not eat too much of junk and spicy food. Avoid starchy food as well to prevent cavities. Use dental products that contain fluoride. Choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles and make sure of replacing them after two to three months. 
What causes teeth decay?

Plaque is responsible for most of our dental problems. If food particles get attached to our teeth, bacteria grow. These bacteria produce acid which decays our teeth. This can also lead to periodontal problems. These bacteria cause serious infection and destroy the nerve endings and tissues present beneath the teeth and under the gum. Brushing and flossing can prevent the growth of such bacteria and is the prime step towards a good oral hygiene and care.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Get Best Dental Implants in India

The world of dentistry has made major advancements presently. With a hectic lifestyle, most of us ignore our teeth greatly as we indulge in binging and junk food consumption. Additionally, most people don't wash their mouth properly after having some food. This is highly dangerous for the tooth and most dentists recommend proper cleaning of the teeth after having food. The modern dental clinics with innovative modes of treating dental problems have made a sufficient headway. They make it a point to provide painless treatments to their patients. 

Getting dental implants in India is easier now with the scientific dental clinics that provide a myriad of modern treatment procedures like cosmetic dentistry, installing invisible braces and a number of other dental treatments. Cosmetic dentistry includes the range of treatments like smile correction, porcelain crowning, bridges, tooth colored fillings, teeth whitening, gap filling, correcting mal - aligned teeth. Providing, effecting dental treatments within your budget is what these dental clinics do best and their specialities include relieving the patients from their fear of dental treatments.

The dental implants in India provided by various dental clinics include the upgraded and advanced facilities like computerized tooth imaging, computerized medical recording, audio visual oral health education, dental health counselling, and cosmetic dentistry. These scientific dental clinics also work to replace your front tooth. Dental implants also prevent resorption of jawbone following a loss in a tooth. This process also restores the function of chewing to normalcy. This process is much better than the usual dental bridges and dentures. You can learn about the various benefits of dental implants from the respective dental clinic websites. Once you have compared some of the company websites, you can opt for the company that provides maximum benefits within your budget.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dental Implants Correct Your Smile

Your dental set up plays a vital role in instilling a beautiful smile on your face and with bad dentures, this is a distant possibility. The modern dental clinics treating dental problems scientifically, use technologically advanced machines and equipments to fix those toothy problems of yours. Offering personalised treatments for dental implants is the latest trend and doctors aim to firstly bring out the nervous patients from the fesr psychosis that grips on them before the treatment starts.

Dental Implants falling under the scope of implant dentistry, is meant for correcting tooth loss situations. In the toothless are a titanium implant is fixed. With time your jawbone blends with the titanium surface. This implant is more like a support for the dental prosthesis done to the portion. Dentistry is important branch of medicine. Presently, ignoring the teeth adds to the gum problems. The various dental implants treatment procedures with conventional dental bridges processes have become easier. There are a number of clinics which effectively bring the required treatment to the tooth problems. Be it a lower tooth replacement or a posterior tooth replacement these dental clinics have all the requisite solutions.

A Dental Implant process also restores the chewing activities properly. The implant dentistry system helps to prevent cutting down of the original natural teeth due to conventional tooth replacement processes. From the problem of bone drafting, sinus lift or a upper tooth replacement there is a solutio9n to everything once one reaches these clinics. There are scientific techniques used in the task to ensure a fine treatment. A simple implant treatment system takes 4 to 7 months for completion. The margin of the crowns and the bridges are designed in such a manner that the food incorporation is totally avoided. Foid collection around the crown will cause prosthesis failure. These personalized treatments add to the ultra care, these clinics offer you and thus you have a beautiful smile to boast of.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dental Implant Care in India

Dental implants are one of the largest growing possibilities in the dental industry now. This is most prominent in India, where dentists with years of experience and training are starting to warm up to the idea of dental implants. Dental implants make sure that natural teeth need to alter as little as possible, leading to less expensive operations, and faster healing times. Indian dentists are available in specialized dental clinics that offer service using cutting-edge technology and are confident of their work, providing ten years, or sometimes, a lifetime of warranty for their work. Many types of dental implants exist, most of which is aimed at creating a perfect smile, and reducing the discomfort of missing teeth.

Dental implants also have many health benefits since they prevent other teeth from moving from their place, and keeps the gum strong. Most dental implants usually have one artificial tooth. However, there exist dental implants which have multiple teeth, allowing those with multiple missing teeth to help from them. Many dental implant packages in India offer services that unmatched anywhere in the East. Dental implants in India are also more reliable than anywhere else in the East due to highly trained dentists and personal care given to every patient. The dental implant cost in India is also very affordable, making it a favoured destination for international residents who want to get affordable, economically viable dental implants.

It is easily possible to same many thousands of dollars simply by getting dental implant operations done in India. Operation charges are in rupees, which reduces the price of the operation to foreign nationals, and still enables dental clinics in India to prosper. This in turn allows clinics to get better dentists and better equipment for faster, better, and more efficient treatment.

Dental implants are preferred over bridges because they act in a way very similar to natural teeth. The dental implant is secured to the jaw of the patient, meaning that it is a permanent solution, and only a dentist with access to specialized equipment can remove it, unlike dentures, which are a temporary solution and removable by the patient, and even misplaced when they are not in use. It is also more efficient than dentures since it looks absolutely like natural teeth, and needs no extra care unlike dentures which often need to be cleaned thoroughly beyond the typical brushing of teeth.

There are many dental implant packages in India that offer a comprehensive range of service for various patients and their requirements. This combined with the fact that dental implants in India are reliable and affordable. These two facts make India a preferred destination for those foreign nationals who need to get quality dental implants. Since the dental implant cost in India is lower than most countries which offer similar treatment, people also save large amounts of money in the process, thereby minimizing the financial impact of such an operation on the family.