Thursday, 7 November 2013

Dental Tourism in India

India is a developing country and here the price of anything is 80% lower as compared to the developed countries like Europe and USA. You can cut down your dental treatment costs if you get it done from India. The dental treatment cost is three times lower in India as comparing to European countries but that does not mean that you will get a low quality service. Medical tourism is growing with a great speed in India and undoubtedly. The tourists are going back satisfied and that's why they come back and refer their friends and family to get treatment done from India.

Low dentistry costs in India

The highly qualified dentists make sure that all your detail ailments cured before you leave the clinic. However if the idea of visiting a faraway country for a dental treatment sounds absurd and hectic to you then check out the low airfares that many of the flights are providing. The medical tourism industry in India is a fully fledged industry and is even flourishing with the high quality services provided at such low prices.

Get Quality Dental Implant Treatment in India

India is known for its private dentistry industry worldwide. Here world-class dental implant treatment offered by expert professionals. One of the well-known Maxillo Facial Surgeon-implantologist is Dr. Biju Thomas who is BDS., FFDRCSI.,FICOI, (Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists) and Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland. Though he has studied and practiced almost twenty years in foreign, he wants to give people best dental implant treatment at affordable price. He has started a Scientific Dental Implant Clinic in Kerala, India. Here all the modern technologies and modern dental equipment are available to serve the patients all over the world.

Some of the most common dental treatments available in India are:

General dentistry

Dental Implantation



Cosmetic dentistry


Oral surgery

Along with the above services, the various root canal and tooth whitening also available. When you come to India for a dental treatment, it has two major benefits. Firstly, you can cut down your price and secondly, you can even enjoy a holiday in the beautiful and historic city of India.

Now this low-cost service is available and you can not only save much money but can also get a holiday package in the same cost. Though no one would have thought about mixing their holidays with dental treatment but then the low and attractive cost changes the mind of many people. India is an ideal destination for people facing dental problems all over the world. Getting the treatment overseas was in itself a very costly idea but now with the attractive packages launched by the medical tourism department in India; everyone is rushing to this new popular spot. In today's scenario people are working hard to save, grab the opportunity of dental tourism in India and enjoy a free holiday in lesser cost.

Places to visit in India

You can visit the exotic places in India while getting dental treatment. Places like Kerala, Goa, Otty, Jaipur, Shimla, Kashmir, Darjeeling, Agra and so many places. Here is a small list.

Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is is famous for its peaceful beaches, green hill stations, exotic wildlife, serene stretches of backwaters and main attraction is spending time in house boat rather than in boring hotels.

Agra with historical Touch

This is the one of the greatest  wonder in the world. This city is full of Mughal Palaces and castles. Agra is enriched with all the historical heritage and architecture.

Jaipur, the pink city

This city represents the the royal culture and the royal heritage of India. The palaces and heritage is made of pink marvel so Jaipur is  known as Pink City.


The snow caped mountains, valleys covered with tulips, the house boards of dal lakes are simply not forgettable. People call Kashmir as the Switzerland of India.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Good Oral Care and Hygiene

To keep your gums and teeth healthy, it is very important to follow a good oral hygiene routine. This would keep your mouth fresh and without germs which are responsible for bad breath. A good oral hygiene would ensure pink and healthy gums that do not bleed after brushing. It would also ensure that you do not have cavities.

Bleeding of gums after brushing or flossing means you are not following a good oral hygiene and care routine and it is time that you visit a dentist who can help you in learning and practicing good dental habits. Bleeding gums is associated with persistent bad breath as well which is a very big problem. Make sure of visiting a good dentist who will teach the correct techniques that would keep your teeth and gums healthy. They would check your teeth thoroughly and also draw your attention to the areas which needs special care. 
How to practice good oral hygiene?

Healthy teeth and gums ensure that your feel fresh and also boost your confidence in public places. They ensure you look and feel good. Also, you do not have to experience pain while drinking or eating something which is extremely hot or cold. So, if you can take care of your teeth in the proper way, you will enjoy a healthy life style as good teeth and gums ensure your and your family’s complete well being. 
Make sure of brushing your teeth 2 times daily and make flossing a daily habit to prevent tooth and gum decay. These two simple techniques will prevent your teeth from getting into any sort of trouble which would require expensive and painful treatments. We know that a cavity in the teeth requires root canalling and the likes which are quite expensive. It can also mean extracting your tooth completely which is really painful. Cavities not only affect the tooth but also the delicate nerve tissues.

It is also advisable to pay your dentist regular visits. Also make sure of taking an expert’s help if you feel any kind of pain in your tooth or gums. Most of us do not pay much heed initially and wait for the pain to subside and end up paying thousands of bucks to the dentist later when the problem gets serious. Apart from these, a healthy and balanced diet is also good for the teeth and gums. Do not eat too much of junk and spicy food. Avoid starchy food as well to prevent cavities. Use dental products that contain fluoride. Choose a toothbrush that has soft bristles and make sure of replacing them after two to three months. 
What causes teeth decay?

Plaque is responsible for most of our dental problems. If food particles get attached to our teeth, bacteria grow. These bacteria produce acid which decays our teeth. This can also lead to periodontal problems. These bacteria cause serious infection and destroy the nerve endings and tissues present beneath the teeth and under the gum. Brushing and flossing can prevent the growth of such bacteria and is the prime step towards a good oral hygiene and care.