Friday, 3 January 2014

7 Easy Tips to Improve Oral Hygiene

We all know about the saying that 'health is wealth'. Oral health is most important part of the total health system. When the oral system or especially gums and tooth become victimized by bad breath and cavities, it becomes hard for the person to socialize freely with confidence. But fortunately, the lost confidence regained by following some quick steps suggested by the dental experts.

1. Water is like the lifeline to any living creature. But who knew that water is a great mouth cleaner. Drinking a lot of water daily helps in keeping a healthy mouth as drinking lot of water helps in breathing fresh. Drinking a lot of water is also helpful in flushing out dirty bacteria that causes bad breath and other oral problems. Apart from oral hygiene, drinking water means positive result to whole digestion system and metabolism along with keeping the kidneys and skin in good condition.

2. Many people brush their teeth twice daily but still they face oral problems. According to dental experts, brushing is essential after every single meal. The long food grains get stuck in the teeth joints, they give birth to plaques that results in tartar. To wipe out the food particles sooner, instantly brushing after the meals is very essential.

3. Soft drink lovers should cut off sugary sodas from their regular beverage list as these sodas are the worst enemy to oral hygiene. There is sugar and phosphoric acid blended in the sodas that unitedly attacks the enamel of teeth and ultimately makes the teeth weak. This cavity producing sodas are also not good for total health, so it's better to drink plain water when the thirst is felt.
4. To prevent tooth decay it is important to use a fluoride based toothpaste that would help in fighting the harmful effects of bacteria in your mouth. Since bacteria is one of the vital aspects causing bad breath problems.

5. Dental sealants are another effective process. It is a plastic coating used in back teeth or molars. This protects the chewing your teeth and prevents untimely decay.

6. People often neglect the tongue while brushing religiously. But it is the tongue that stores most of the bacteria after the meals that soon produces bacteria and causes bad breath. To get rid of the tongue problem, one must make the habit of using tongue scraper keep the tongue clean. Apart from using plastic tongue scraper, small spoons can also be used in tongue cleaning.

7. Floss seems a hassle to even those people who are conscious about oral conditions. Regular as well as proper flossing is essential to keep mouth away from getting attacked by bad breath. Apart from resolving bad breath, proper flossing improves gums and tartar and cavities away from mouth.

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