Wednesday, 8 January 2014

People Love to Share Their Implant Treatment Experience

David Jones decided to travel to India for a full dental implant as he was unable to afford the exorbitant implant dentistry cost in London, UK. Here in London, specialist cosmetic dental surgeons are charging something around £ 2000 - £ 3000 per tooth which is too much for any average individual. So, Mr Jones opted for a cheaper dental tourism destination in India where he could avail the same treatment at a comparatively lower cost and at the same time get to explore India.

After waiting for 9 long years for NHS treatment, Mr Jones started to explore other options and then zeroed upon Kerala, India to get his teeth implant done as it is one of the most popular destination for dental tourism. When he met the top implant dentistry surgeon in Kerala, he was convinced that he would be able to get his full teeth implant done within £ 8000.

Dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular among tourists from Europe, UK and Americas who looker for cheaper destinations in Asia, particularly India for getting their dental implants done at an affordable price. In this way they are able to save upto 75-80% on their cosmetic dentistry cost which would have been otherwise humongous or colossal. International tourists are attracted towards the best dental tourism packages in India where they find the top dental implant surgeons.

According to Dr. Biju Thomas, BDS who is the founder of Scientific Dental Implant Clinic, there is a huge interest among people in Kerala, India for the best dental tourism packages in Kerala. If you like read more stories like David Jones visit Dental Implant Testimonial.

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