Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

Taking active care of your teeth is a very vital part of life. You must be alert enough to recognize the problems and issues connected to teeth. Regular dental visits help you to prevent many oral problems from developing in the initial stage. It is also imperative that you preserve a healthy diet in your daily routine. You may follow the guidelines provided below;

  • Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C. If you intake more acidic fruit juices it may erode your teeth enamel. So, you must understand how much to intake. Be careful that teeth chiefly require calcium, so you must eat the fruits which have more sum of calcium and vitamin D. These are tooth friendly foods.
  • Try to ignore chewing candies as they affect your teeth easily.
  • You must eat lots of fresh vegetables and lean protein foods for healthy teeth.
  • You can gobble lots of  melons, pears, oranges, carrot, berries, pineapple, broccoli, celery, cereals, nuts, baked chicken, cottage cheese and yoghurt for a healthy teeth. 
  • You must chew the food properly and swallow it. The fewest number of people actually know that chewing the food, requires lots of oral exercise. This maintain a healthy, strong teeth which work effectively.
  • Sugar substitute products and also the sugar free products do not feed the bacteria in the mouth. So you can easily have these foods for good teeth.
  • Chewing sugarfree stick of gum is actually effective for your teeth. 
  • The beverage choice for teeth includes the fluoridated water, unsweetened tea and milk. This is good for your teeth. Other beverages like coffee, lemonade, soft drinks have large amount of sugar added to it.
You must be conscious enough to take active care of your teeth. The guiding principle, if followed properly then you won’t face any severe problem linked with your teeth. Although, nowadays an ample number of clinics have set up. They provide multiple services and can avoid supplementary teeth related issues.

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